The information technology unit

The Information Technology Unit of the Kokkola University Consortium offers graduate student education in IT, with a specialization option in mobile systems. The education is strongly based on the high-quality research work undertaken in the University Consortium.

The graduate student education in IT is provided as multiform teaching to enable one to study at the same time as working full- or part-time. The teaching utilizes online ICT applications and the methods and environment are continuously improved to more effectively meet the needs of adult students.

A research activity in the Information Technology Unit focuses on wireless systems and teaching technology. The unit’s main R&D activities focus on wireless and mobile systems, software techniques, the development of the information systems and the business processes of companies, and applications of teaching technology.

The Information Technology Unit is also active regional developer in co-operation with the economic life of the region. The unit is able to deliver technical project plans and implementations as well as productized order based services. Progressing ICT technology and its possibilities are promoted to support and help ICT companies to develop their services, and to support companies from other industry sector utilize ICT more efficiently.

Based on several years of research and development as well as continuous learning the ICT unit offers following services

  • information and communications technology
  • software production and mobile systems
  • wireless sensor networks ( check implemented wsn applications )
  • information systems and enterprise resource planning processes