Wireless technology laboratory

Cinet-noodiThe rapid development of technologies is one of today’s biggest change factors and presents a challenge to the operational environment of technology education and research units. Contemporary research operations are characterized by several independent technologies being combined to realize new innovations.

The telecommunications laboratory was established to meet these growing challenges, not only in regards to education and research, but also to product development. The history of the laboratory can be traced back to the basic investigation in the electronics sector implemented by the Kaustinen municipality in 1997 and the investigations carried out by the Chydenius Institute in 1998, concerning the establishment of an RF laboratory in Kaustinen in order to improve the abilities of companies to function. Nowadays, the laboratory operates in the Kokkola University Consortium in Kokkola.

The laboratory conducts research on flat data transfer networks and composes and puts into practice research-orientated product development projects in co-operation with companies. The laboratory organizes training about using the planning software for the personnel of the companies. The laboratory promotes the development of education and the regional growth of expertise in radio and telecommunications technology. As a result of the laboratory’s research and product development projects, there are diploma works that support the schools in the region as well as companies’ recruitment. The laboratory hires measuring devices to companies and offers expert help in carrying out measurements.

Further information: Laboratory Engineer Jukka Ihalainen