Master's degree programme in information technology

At the Kokkola University Consortium, you can complete a Master of Science in Information Technology degree while working. The studies take 3 - 4 years. The specialization option in the degree is mobile systems (MOB), and those students who have completed the pedagogical studies can specialize in order to become teachers (OPE). The Master of Science degree is awarded by the University of Jyväskylä.

Mobile Systems (MOB)

Mobile systems can be found in objects as diverse as a modern forklift and a handheld computer. The information systems operating in these technologies often require a different approach compared to the “traditional” operational environments. New demands are mainly set by the insufficiency of the resources available, but the new kinds of hardware platforms and system architectures also add their own flavour.

However, the mobile data terminal equipment are only one side of the mobile field. Almost without exception, mobile systems need to be supported by wired systems. Because of this, both the wired and wireless backbone systems are firmly part of the education and research areas of the mobile systems department.


Students of mobile systems will encounter a wide spectrum of operational environments – from the very restricted embedded environment to the wide-ranging world of laptop computers and fast data transfer networks. The obligatory part of the mobile systems specialization option includes network systems, dispersal of applications, special operating systems, and the calculation procedures needed when planning the systems. In Kokkola the mobile systems studies focus on short-range wireless systems, especially wireless sensor networks and their application targets.


As is generally the case with university studies, the study of mobile systems is based on a theoretical approach to the subject. The theoretical foundations of various technologies and their usage are covered during the programme. The practical aspects of mobile systems are, nevertheless, a significant part of the studies carried out during the laboratory work.


The most important research targets are network control methods for wireless sensor networks, navigation and tracing of objects in wireless sensor networks, and software architecture for sensor network equipment.

Subject Teacher in Information Technology (OPE)

The Subject Teacher Programme in Information Technology prepares subject teachers in information technology for work in primary schools, upper secondary schools, and in vocational schools. Students completing this programme must already have acquired formal competence as teachers. In addition to a career in teaching, the programme provides a good background for training and consulting jobs in companies and in adult education.

The programme’s specialization option explores the utilization of virtual learning environments and online teaching in pedagogical work.