Latent Variables in Educational Research: Measuring and Modelling

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  • Aika 09.02.2023 klo 15.1517.00 (Europe/Helsinki / UTC200)
  • Paikka Kokkolan yliopistokeskus Chydenius, Talonpojankatu 2B, Kokkola, Ulappa-sali ja ONLINE
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Welcome to the open lecture!

Latent variables are variables for which no direct measures or observations could be made. Academic Engagement, Student Burnout, Math self-concept, Test Anxiety are a few examples. For these variables the best we can do is to assess their signals and symptoms, that is, their manifestations. Validity and reliability of these variables are therefore fundamental for their use in research or practical modelling applications. In this talk I will introduce the concept of latent variables modelling using Confirmatory Factor Analysis to assess evidence of construct related validity and reliability, and Structural Equation Modelling to use latent variables in predictive models. Examples with free software will be used to illustrate different applications in my current research.


Maroco.pngJoão Marôco, Ph. D.

João Marôco is a Professor of Statistics at ISPA-Instituto Universitário where he has been teaching statistics and research methods for the BSc, MSc and PhD in Psychology and Education for the last 20+ years. He is also a consultant for Education and Statistics at the World Bank and served as NPM and NRC for PISA, TIMSS, PIRLS and ICILS from 2015 to 2018. In the last 25 years, Marôco has authored more than 400 research papers with peer-review and four books in Statistics and Psychometry. His research interest focuses on the development of psychometric measures in psychology and education, as well as predictors and explanatory variables of students’ reading and math literacy in international large-scale assessments. According to Google Scholar his academic works have been quoted more than 39000 times (H index = 68; I10 index =253).

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