International Symposium / Kansainvälinen symposiumi

  • Avainsanat kansainvälinen symposiumi international symposium social work
  • Aika 15.04.2019 – 09.30 16.04.2019 – 17.00 (Europe/Helsinki / UTC300)
  • Paikka Lea Pulkkinen Hall, University of Jyväskylä (main campus) / Lea Pulkkisen sali, Jyväskylän yliopisto, Jyväskylä
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Social Work and Sustainability - Research-Based Knowledge and ben-white-148783.jpgExperiences from the Practice

The complexity of sustainable development is possibly the biggest universal challenge of our times. A radically new level of transdisciplinary research, cross-sectoral policy-making and multi-agency practice is required in order to meet this challenge and achieve planetary wellbeing.

We know that the social problems that social workers are addressing around the globe are significantly linked to the environmental, economic and social turmoil of today’s societies.

The transdisciplinary discussion on ecological or environmental social work is vivid and steadily growing. This international symposium will up-date what social work research and practice can contribute to this transdisciplinary discussion on sustainable development. The symposium aims to present current research-based social work knowledge and to discuss the social work interventions related to environmental and economic sustainability. By doing so, the symposium provides a new transdisciplinary platform for common learning and international networking. The symposium is also an excellent opportunity to develop new research ideas as well as share successful ecosocial practices and innovative teaching approaches.

The 2-day symposium is organised by the team of the ECOSOS research project (Contribution of Social Work and Systems of Income Security to the Ecosocial Transformation of Society), funded by the Academy of Finland (2015-2019).

At the symposium, the final results of ECOSOS will be presented for the first time to a Finnish and an international audience. The programme will contain contributions from international experts, including, among others, Amy Krings (Loyola University Chicago/USA), Jef Peeters (UC Leuven-Limburg/Belgium) and Komalsingh Rambaree (University of Gävle/Sweden).

The symposium will take place on Monday from 9.30 am to 5 pm and on Tuesday from 9 am to 5 pm. There is no registration fee to pay. We warmly welcome students, researchers, practitioners and activists interested in sustainable development to join this international symposium! Please register via the following link by 15 March 2019.  Further information on accommodations is available on the ECOSOS webpage. The full programme will be announced in March 2019.

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