VIDEOCONFERENCE Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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Esbjerg, Akureyri, Kokkola, Oslo, Stockholm


11:00 Icelandic time (gmt)

12:00 Norwegian, Swedish and Danish time (gmt+1)

13:00 Finnish time (gmt+2)

Esjberg will take the technical contact and act as a bridge. The technical contact will be taken 30 minutes before the meeting. The video conference will take about 2 hours.



Order of the floors in each round

  1. Finland, moderator
  2. Iceland
  3. Norway
  4. Denmark
  5. Sweden

I round: Introduction:


Comments on the minutes of the Videoconference Nov 8.

Possible comments on good practice analysis


II round: The comparative analysis: country reports

Comments on the round I

Short presentation of country reports (max 5 minutes)

Status of country report

Comments on the disposition of country reports


III round: What next with country reports?

Comments on the round II

What should be completed?


Completing the country reports –dead line February 15, 2006

Comments of co-ordinator


Comparative analysis made by coordinator based on country reports and other material  

  • will be ready beginning of March

Short presentations of country reports by country teams and comparative analysis by co-ordinator in the 2. research workshop


IV Some preliminary comparison

Comments on the round III

Seija presents some preliminary comparisons (based on other material than country reports). Something on this will be mailed on Monday.


V Other issues

Comments on the round IV

Financial report of the year 2005 – the hard copy with signature to Seija this week.

National – regional workshops

NICe’s new call for proposals


VI Closing

Time of the second research workshop: March 7-8 (Tuesday-Wednesday) or March 8-9 (Wednesday-Thursday)? The place is Kokkola. Welcome!