Study Arrangements

The staff consists of a professor of social work, three full-time university lecturers, part-time lecturers, a planning officer and a department secretary. The unit operates on the principle of starting out from the needs of the students and maintaining close contacts with practical social work and current social problems. The emphasis when constructing collaborative networks for teaching purposes is on recognising the various needs of the region and its working life, so that students will have an opportunity to extend their knowledge to or specialize in research and development activities in the field of social work, activities of the third sector and other organizations or entrepreneurship in the field of social welfare. 

The teaching is planned with due attention to students’ needs to fit their studies in with their work and family obligations and takes place mostly in the evenings and at weekends. Use is made of the Optima learning environment, which increases the flexibility of teaching and improves the participation ability of people living in other localities.