Student Intake for the Master´s Programme

The master’s programme in social work at the Chydenius University Consortium in Kokkola comprises a total of 120 credit units and leads to the degree of Master of Social Sciences that include the necessary qualification for a position of social worker (Statute 272/2005). 

The teaching takes place in accordance with the degree regulations of the University of Jyväskylä, which is also responsible for admissions and for the awarding of degrees. All persons following the programme are registered as students of that university. 

No fees are charged for the master’s programme in social work. 

The annual student intake for studies in social work is 20 persons, and the master’s programme takes 2–3 years to complete. Teaching is arranged mostly in the evenings and at weekends, for the convenience of adult students who need to fit their studies in with their work and family life. 

For further information on the master’s programme in social work

Please consult the planning officer and study advisor or the professor.