Lassi Ulla, professori/Professor

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Lassi Ulla, professori/Professor
+358 40 0294 090

Esittely / Biography
Ulla Lassi, D.Sc. (Tech.) in 2003, University of Oulu. Professor of Applied Chemistry since 1.1.2006 (University of Oulu, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius). Since 2015, Head of Research unit of Sustainable chemistry at the University of Oulu.

Tutkimusala / Research Areas
Research areas of Applied Chemistry involve chemistry in industrial application (in particular heterogeneous catalysis; the use of metal catalysts in process and environmental applications). Material chemistry research is focused on novel catalytic materials, adsorbents and battery chemicals.

Opetus / Teaching
Advanced level courses in chemistry at the University of Oulu: Chemistry in Industrial Applications, Surface chemistry, Electrochemistry, Chemistry in Hydrometallurgical processes, Battery chemistries and components, Battery Recycling and ecosystem.

Ajankohtaiset tutkimushankkeet/ Current Research Projects
ADCHEM 2016-2019/ Challenge Finland key project funding, Business Finland
SYMMET 2018-2020/Business Finland
GeoSorbents 2015-2016/Tekes
AOPI 2012-2016/Academy of Finland
RENEPRO 2015-2018, EU/Interreg Nord

Uusimmat julkaisut / Recent Publications
Runtti, H.; Tolonen, E.-T.; Tuomikoski, S.; Luukkonen, T.; Lassi, U. (2018) How to tackle the stringent sulfate removal requirements in mine water treatment—A review of potential methods. - Environmental research 167, 207-222 .
Vielma, Tuomas; Lassi, Ulla; Salminen, Justin (2018) Precipitation of silica from zinc process solution. - Monatshefte für Chemie 149 (2), 313-321
Mäkelä, Eveliina; Lahti, Riikka; Jaatinen, Salla; Romar, Henrik; Hu, Tao; Puurunen, Riikka L.; Lassi, Ulla; Karinen, Reetta (2018) Study of Ni, Pt, and Ru Catalysts on Wood-based Activated Carbon Supports and their Activity in Furfural Conversion to 2-Methylfuran. - ChemCatChem Early, EARLY .

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