THROUGH-JOY 1 – Mapping phase: Enhancement of regional attractiveness of northern localities through development of joyful and distinctive sporty hobbies for inhabitants and visitors

THROUGH-JOY 1 is the first part of a two-phase project the aim of which is, through development of joyful and distinctive sporty hobbies for inhabitants and visitors, to enhance the regional attractiveness and competitiveness of Central Ostrobothnia, Västerbotten (Vindel river area) and Nordland (Lofoten archipelago). The first part (mapping) lays ground for the second (development), for which a separate funding will be applied for during the next EU programme period. The mapping is realized during 2013–2014 by Kokkola University Con-sortium Chydenius (Lead Partner, project manager Olli Rosenqvist), Department of Geography and Economic History of Umeå University (project manager Håkan Appelblad) and Nordland Research Institute (project manager Brigt Dale).

The project produces interregional comparisons of institutional structures and financing of sporty hobbies, in order to disseminate best practices between the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian regions. Hobbies are practised in a multilateral actor field, where private, public and third sector actors work together. Through comparisons, the hobbyists, and the businesses, municipalities, associations, researchers and media, get new ideas from the neighbouring countries.

Europe 2020 strategy aspires to smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Europe. For its part, THROUGH-JOY 1 responds to this challenge. Leisure activities, and sporty hobbies among them, offer expanding possibilities for new businesses and for regional regeneration of industrial and commercial structures.

The mapping project produces a comparative report on such sporty hobbies in Central Ostrobothnia, Västerbotten and Nordland that have potential to add to their meaning as sources of livelihood and as regional attractiveness and competitiveness factors. Sporty hobbies that possess the best potential to be developed will be selected as the objects of the development phase. At the same time, the central practical actors of the selected hobbies will be committed as project partners to the development phase. The partner organizations can be businesses, municipalities or associations. THROUGH-JOY 1 produces far-reaching contacts between the project regions. These contacts can also be utilized in the future when developing other leisure activities (cultural activities, tourism, event production etc.) as sources of livelihood.



• Olli Rosenqvist's introduction of the THROUGH-JOY project in the meeting of the Central Ostrobothnian regional committee for development of culture and creative industries, in Kokkola, Finland, 10.12.2013.

• Olli Rosenqvist's presentation 'Yksimittakaavaisesta monimittakaavaiseen ajatteluun ja tekemiseen: Heijastuksia Maaseututoimijoiden kansainvälistyminen ja THROUGH-JOY-hankkeista' (From single-scalar to multi-scalar thinking and doing: Reflections from the projects Maaseututoimijoiden kansainvälistyminen (Internationalization of rural actors) and THROUGH-JOY)' in the Finnish Geography Days 2013, in Vaasa, Finland, 25.10.2013.

• Introduction of the theoretical and practical starting-points of the THROUGH-JOY 1 project, by Olli Rosenqvist, under the heading 'Development of sporty hobbies for inhabitants and visitors in Central Ostrobothnia, Vindel river area and Lofoten archipelago', in The 22nd Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Innovation and value creation in experience-based tourism, in Svolvær, Norway, 26.9.2013.


Further information: Olli Rosenqvist


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Funding: Interreg IV A North programme


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