Syvähenkiset paikat vaihtoehtomatkailun kohteeksi - kartoitusprosessin analyysi (Turning profound places into objects of alternative tourism – an analysis of the mapping process)

This project is closely linked with the Genius loci project that is being carried out at the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius. In the Genius loci project suitable destinations are being sought for pilgrimage routes and networks that are under development in Central Ostrobothnia.

The aim of the analysis of mapping process was to document from national perspective the implementation phase of the Genius loci project: how was the data gathered and used, what kind of conclusion can be made according to the data, and what do the experiences of the mapping process offer to rural development work more generally. The project lasted from the 1st of August to the 31st December, 2010.

The results have been published in an article:

Rosenqvist, Olli (2011). Kohti yhteiskäyttöisiä kulttuurisia paikkatietoja. (Towards shared culturo-spatial data.) Maaseudun uusi aika 19: 1, 71–80. (In Finnish.)

Further information: Olli Rosenqvist

Funding: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Rural Policy Committee


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