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Rantamäki, Niina

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Niina Rantamäki

Projektitutkija, Project Researcher

YTM / M.A. Soc. Sc., PhD student

Sosiaalitieteiden yksikkö / Social Sciences

puh./tel. +358 40 054 6504

e-mail: niina.rantamaki(at)chydenius.fi

huone 357 (3. krs) / room 357 (3rd floor)


Research interests

My focus of interest is directed towards the provision of social services in rural areas. In more particularly I am interested in the role of citizens and civic organizations as designers, organizers and providers of social services and this connection to promoting of democratic development in the society. This is also the topic of PhD research.

Ongoing research projects

Rural Local welfare systems financed by The Ministry of Employment and the Economy in Finland (on the recommendation of the Rural policy committee). See www.chydenius.fi/rurallws

Educational interests

Practical training in social work

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Julkaisut / Publications

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