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The Secret Life of Water

tekijä: paivi_vuorio — Viimeisin muutos perjantai 21. tammikuuta 2011, 14.39

Place: Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius (KYC), Kokkola, Talonpojankatu 2B, auditorium Ulappa, 1. floor

Time: Monday, 14. June 2010, 12:30

At the seminar prof G H Pollack presents new evidence and ideas about a 4th phase of water, and discusses its impact for the physics and biology of water. Researchers associated with Kokkola University Consortium will address a second topic, which is the purification of water in industrial processes.

Everyone interested in these topics are welcome to attend. Refreshments are provided.


E = H2O: The secret life of water
Prof. Gerald H Pollack (University of Washington)

Catalytic oxidation of industrial wastewaters
Researcher Laura Rahikka (VALOKATA/Tekes)

Determination of BOD, COD, etc. from wastewaters
Researcher Anne Heponiemi (Nessling foundation)

Industrial by-products as adsorbents in water treatment
Prof. Ulla Lassi (MONIWATER/Tekes):


Department of the Natural Sciences, and the Department of Health Sciences.

For information and free registration contact Ulla.Lassi@oulu.fi, or frank.borg@chydenius.fi.

The seminar is supported by Chydenius-Instituutin Kannatusyhdistys.

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