Viitasalo Katri, yliopistonopettaja/University Teacher

Sosiaalitieteet, opetus- ja tutkimus/Social sciences, teaching and research
Viitasalo Katri, yliopistonopettaja/University Teacher
+358 40 6733 571

I work as a university teacher at the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius. My areas of teaching include supervising MA theses, adult social work and practice studies.

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Research areas
I received my PhD from the University of Jyväskylä. My doctoral dissertation was titled “Aspirations and Capability Set of Mothers A Conceptual Study on Mothers’ Financial Capabilities”. Since that time I have continued to examine the themes of financial capability and adult social work. My current research concerns financial social work, financial stability practices and training. In 2016 to 2019 I have worked part time in two projects: I) Social Empowerment in Rural Areas (SEMPRE), researching the participation of immigrants, and II) PRO SOS – Uudenlaista sosiaalityötä yhdessä rakentamassa , studying the co-development of practices and services as well as researching financial social work.

Relevance of research
My research concerns the position of poor, low-income or financially vulnerable people in social services and it addresses how financial capability is one of the important areas in social work. Efforts to strengthen this capability through social work need to be built in a manner that considers the financial aspects of well-being as well.