Valli Raine, yliopistonlehtori/Senior Lecturer

Kasvatustieteiden yksikönjohtaja
Valli Raine, yliopistonlehtori/Senior Lecturer
+358 40 7216 864


Head of Unit in the Faculty of Education. (1.2.2005-). Responsible for the unit's human and financial administration and overall responsibility for primary school teacher training. In addition, acting as a supervisor of continuing education.
Professor for two years, special researcher for three years, university lecturer for seven years, lecturer for one year, university professor for eight years and an assistant for four years.
Doctor of Social Sciences (PhD) and Licenciate of Education Sciences. Docent of Education (particularly, applying quantitative research) in University of Tampere Faculty of Education.

Memberships etc.:

Executive Director, Support the association Institute of Chydenius, 1.12017-
Board of Education: Committee in promoting the development in education as a part of education forum 1.11.2012-31.12.2016.
University of Jyväskylä: Member of the education Council, 1.8.2012-31.12.2017.
Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius: Member of the board management team, 1.1.2004-
Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius: Deputy Member of the management, 1.1.2015-

Tutkimusala / Research Areas

During the last five years I have concentrated on the digitalisation of learning environments, and the research themes connected to future learning environments.

Opetus / Teaching

Research methods, particularly quantitative research

Supervision in master's [graduate] and doctoral thesis

Ajankohtaiset tutkimushankkeet/ Current Research Project

Developing learning environments

Uusimmat julkaisut / Recent Publications

  • Valli R., Valli P. & Lähdesmäki S. 2017. Meaningful Learning Experiences in the Finnish Teacher Education. Asian Journal of Education and e-Learning 5 (2), 27-35.
  • Valli R. 2017. Creating a questionnaire for a scientific study. International Journal of Research Studies in Education 6 (4), 15-27.
  • Valli R. (ed.) 2017. [Developing learning environments]. Oppimisympäristöjä kehittämässä. Kokkolan yliopistokeskus Chydeniuksen julkaisuja.
  • Valli R. (ed.) 2018. [Windows for research metods 1 – choosing the method and data collecting: inspiration for the novice researcher]. Ikkunoita tutkimusmetodeihin 1 – metodin valinta ja aineistonkeruu: virikkeitä aloittelevalle tutkijalle. Jyväskylä: PS-kustannus.
  • Valli R. (ed.) 2018. [Windows for research metods 2 – perspectives for the novice researcher into the theoretical research starting points and methods of analysis]. Ikkunoita tutkimusmetodeihin 2 – näkökulmia aloittelevalle tutkijalle tutkimuksen teoreettisiin lähtökohtiin ja analyysimenetelmiin. Jyväskylä: PS- kustannus.