Stamm Ingo, tutkijatohtori/Postdoctoral Researcher

Sosiaalitieteet, opetus ja tutkimus/Social sciences, teaching and research
Stamm Ingo, tutkijatohtori/Postdoctoral Researcher
+358 40 1615 435

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius since 2015. I am originally from Germany where I finished my PhD on social security and human rights in Finland and Germany at the University of Siegen in 2014. I am also holding a master´s degree in social work from the Alice Salomon University Berlin on social work as a human rights profession. Since 2017 I am working there as well as a contract lecturer in an international master on human rights. Additionally, I have 10 years of practical experience as a social worker in the fields of family care, child protection and youth work.

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Research Areas
Environmental social work, social and solidarity economy, unemployment, social work ethics, cross-national research

Human rights and social work, sustainability, environmental social work, world society, qualitative research methods

Current Research Project
ECOSOS research Project

Why and for whom my research is important
The research of the ECOSOS project is important for social work researchers who follow the new paradigm of an environmental social work and all practitioners who are interested in how to implement environmental issues in their work with clients on the local level.