Rantamäki Niina, projektitutkija/Project Researcher

Sosiaalitieteet, opetus ja tutkimus/Social sciences, teaching and research
Rantamäki Niina, projektitutkija/Project Researcher
+358 40 0546 504

I have worked as a project researcher at the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius since 2008. Before that I worked as head of work rehabilitation services in a third-sector organisation that provides services for mentally challenged people.  

Orcid ID(link) https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3926-5543

Research Areas
My research interests combine the provision of social services in rural contexts and questions related to sustainable development and transition. I am especially interested in social sustainability, including the aspects of sustainable communities and societal equity. These questions are also the focus of my PhD research.

Practical training in social work

Current Research Projects
The public service pledge in the Finnish reform of social and health care services – a rural perspective” financed by The Ministry of Employment and the Economy in Finland (on the recommendation of the Rural policy committee).

Kehitysvammaiset osallisina Green Care –palveluiden kehittämisessä osaksi päivä- ja työtoimintaa [Developing Green Care –services as part of work and day activities together with persons with an intellectual disability]. (Coordinated by Centria university of Applied Sciences)

Why and to whom my research is important
Research on local welfare systems in rural areas offers interesting and alternative perspectives for the development and renewal of social and health care services. Furthermore, in the current societal situation I consider that it is important to address issues in public debate related to regional equity as well as to the multifold effects on and connections to welfare services.