Ilmonen Kari, yliopistotutkija/Senior Researcher

Sosiaalitieteet, opetus ja tutkimus/Social sciences, teaching and research
Ilmonen Kari, yliopistotutkija/Senior Researcher
+358 40 6526 534

I received my doctorate from the University of Joensuu in 1998. I have worked as a professor of Rural Studies at the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius 2003–2013. After this professor period I have worked as a senior researcher. Title of Docent (cultural industry) since 2005 (University of Vaasa).

Research Areas
My research interests are rural culture and cultural heritage.

My area of teaching includes qualitative research methods.

Current Research Project
PaikuGL project: Co-Development of new touristic concepts and services with local communities based on the regional cultural heritage and the usage of the digitalised toolbox with access to the objects of cultural heritage in Genius Loci

Why and for whom my research is important
The Genius loci ecosystem utilizes both tangible and intangible cultural heritage which can be used by associations, communities and businesses. The leading idea of the ecosystem is based on local cultural heritage sites and place stories, as well as themes and routes that draw from them . The heritage data will be gathered and tourism products developed with local actors, such as  local heritage societies.