Nordbatt 2017

Kuvat: Jorma Uusitalo ja Peter Pohjola

Nordic Battery Conference 2017

1.-3. November, 2017, Kokkola, Finland

We are excited to announce the third Nordic battery conference, which will be hosted by the University of Oulu 1.-3. November 2017. Conference venue is located in the city of Kokkola, which is known as the big cluster of inorganic chemistry in Northern Europe.
The conference presents an opportunity to review the recent advances in battery science, from materials development to cell electrochemistry, and battery utilization for a range of different applications. It will provide a local Nordic platform for leading scientists and industrial representatives to communicate novel ideas and new findings, to inspire scientific breakthroughs and technological solutions for energy storage applications. Conference is arranged as a part of Kokkola Material Week.

You are warmly welcome!

On behalf of the scientific and organizing committee,
Ulla Lassi, professor
Chair of scientific and organizing committee

Contact information: Ulla Lassi

Professor, University of Oulu
tel. +358 400 294090, eMail:
Office Kokkola: Unit of Applied Chemistry, Talonpojankatu 2B, FI-67100 Kokkola, Finland