Webinar 23 May 2022: Sustainable solid state lithium-ion batteries

Welcome to a webinar on sustainable batteries, active electrode materials and electrolytes.
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  • Aika 23.05.2022 klo 13.0015.15 (Europe/Helsinki / UTC300)
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The project

SolBat, or Sustainable Solid-State Lithium-ion Batteries, is a project by the University of Oulu and Luleå University of Technology. The project is funded by the EU Interreg Nord programme.

The project uses biomass-based waste streams for the production of solid organic electrolyte based on ionic liquids and for the production of anode carbon.

As an inorganic electrolyte, a geopolymer (having the desired ionic conductivity) is produced from inorganic by-products such as ash. The manufacture of a solid electrolyte battery also differs from the current lithium-ion battery technology, and the project has therefore integrated intelligent electronics and printing technology as part of the future manufacture of lithium-ion batteries.

The aim of the project is to produce small battery cells with a capacity of 40360 mAh, and to determine the functionality of solid electrolyte made from waste masses in the battery cell.

Further, the project aims to strengthen the already existing battery value chain (from lithium-ion chemicals to batteries) in the programme area by creating new competences and strengthening the value chain for lithium-ion batteries for future batteries in collaboration with stakeholders.

Webinar 23 May 2022

Time: 23 May 2022 at 1315.15 (UTC+3, FIN), at 1214.15 (UTC+2, SWE)

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Programme (UTC+3)

13.00–13.10 Opening
 Principal Investigator, Professor Ulla Lassi, University of Oulu
13.10–13.25 Advanced LNMO cathode materials for LIBs
Dr Tao Hu/Yan Lin, University of Oulu
13.25–13.40 Hybrid amorphous crystalline solid state electrolytes
Dr Hellen Santos, University of Oulu
13.40–14.00 Inorganic solid state based next generation battery solutions
CEO Jari Liimatainen, Pulsedeon Ltd.
  Short break
14.15–14.30 Development of Quasi Composite Solid Electrolytes in LMBs
Jiajia Li, Luleå University of Technology
14.30–14.45 Electrochemical Performance of NaPF6:P(EO)16:TiO2 composite electrolytes for Na-ion Batteries
Visiting researcher Dr Gayatri Peta
14.45–15.00 Oxidative electrochemical polymerization of pyrene for battery application
Dr Bihag Anothumakkool, LionVolt
15.00–15.15 More sustainable batteries by screen printing
Professor Tapio Fabritius, University of Oulu
  Discussion and closing words