Step back and take part in the Kokkola MBA

The Master of Business Administration, MBA, is a continuing education programme for those who have considerable relevant work experience and an ambition for learning.

- We spend much of our working lives running from meeting to meeting, putting out fires and making difficult decisions. Rarely do we have the time to step back, think about what we are doing, how we are doing it, and whether there might be better ways to handle the challenges we face, says Adam Smale, Dean of the Department of Management at University of Vaasa.

That is why, according to Dean Smale, managers and professionals should take part in leadership training.

- An MBA is a structured opportunity that mentally and physically removes you from your work setting and forces you to think about the kind of leader you are, and the kind of leader you want to be. An MBA walks you through the research-based evidence and frameworks relating to key management issues, whilst allowing you to benefit from the wealth of experiences of your fellow MBA participants, says Smale.

The big challenges are virtually the same

Adam Smale´s research focus is on international HRM. He works closely with Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius and he supervises the  University of Vaasa faculty based in Kokkola.

- If we think about digitalisation, leadership, change management, internationalisation, talent attraction, innovation, etc. these are challenges that most organisations – large and small, public or private – are currently facing. In an MBA, we provide frameworks for how to understand and address these issues, but the participants are the masters of their own context and how to apply this, Smale says.

The MBA studies in Kokkola are carried out in cooperation with the Levón Institute of the University of Vaasa and Dean Smale is one of the trainers.

- An MBA demands a lot, but our MBA graduates always emerge saying that it was well worth the effort, says Smale.

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