Social Work Research and development projects and networks

  • SilmälasitASTRA - Applying Sustainability Transition Research in Social Work tackling Major Societal Challenge of Social Inclusion (ASTRA)
  • AIKUMETOD - The Impact of Social Work methods in working with adults (AIKUMETOD)
  • TASOS - Financial capability and social participation (TASOS)
  • MoRA - Multi-agency-based structural social work in the context of future social and health services (MoRa)
  • ECOSOS - Contribution of Social Work and Systems of Income Security to the Ecosocial Transformation of Society
  • SEMPRE –Social empowerment in social service provision in rural areas of the Baltic Sea Region.
  • PROSOS – Towards a new concept of Social Work with Adults – co-production of its knowledge-base
  • LAPE – Government’s Programme to address reform in child and family services
  • Paiku G-L – Co-Development of new touristic concepts and services with local communities based on the regional cultural heritage and the usage of the digitalised toolbox with access to the objects of cultural heritage in Genius Loci 
  • MaaseutuSote – Rural Social and Health case services – The realisation of the service provision of public services in rural areas

Recently completed projects

  • The Role of Welfare Services for the participatory citizenship of marginalized groups (PalKO), Academy of Finland: Research project 2011–2014.
  • Citizens participation and rural welfare services; KAMPA-research and development project.
  • Rural Local Welfare Systems (RLWS)
  • Regional research and development center of social services in Central Ostro-Botnia -network.
  • Regional Clinic of Social Work Teaching and Research.
  • International co-operation