EcososECOSOS - Contribution of Social Work and Systems of Income Security to the Ecosocial Transformation of Society

The ECOSOS-project examines how social work and systems of income security can inhibit or support eco-socially sustainable sources of income that are not based on constant economic growth and the exploitation of natural resources. The research project is funded by the Academy of Finland (2015–2019). It connects both the quest for ecosocial transformation and the challenge of participation of young people in the labour market. Many sustainable local solutions, so called ecosocial innovations, have been created in European countries. Empirical data about these innovations from four European countries - Finland, Germany, Belgium and Italy - is collected. The selected cases will be contrasted with systems of income security in order to identify what enables or hinders the development of ecosocial innovations. In addition, the research project investigates the work values among Finnish unemployed adults with group interview data. Furthermore, group interview data is collected among Finnish social workers to understand how they could support an ecosocial transformation. The research will conclude in a scientifically based “to-do-list” of factors to be changed in systems of income security and social work practice.

Project research team:
Aila-Leena Matthies, project leader, professor, KYC
Kati Närhi, professor, JYU
Tuuli Hirvilammi, postdoctoral researcher, KYC
Ingo Stamm, postdoctoral researcher, KYC