Genius loci -paikkatietopalvelu: vaihtoehtomatkailua, pyhiinvaellusta ja paikallista kulttuuria (Genius loci – geospatial data service: alternative tourism, pilgrimage and and local culture)

This is a follow-on study of the project “Genius loci – Local pilgrimage routes in Central  Ostrobothnia”, in which information about mentally important places and narratives connected to them where gathered.

The aim of the follow-on study is to create an internet and database based geospatial data service which introduces cultural and historical attractions in the historical Central Ostrobothnia. Historical Central Ostrobothnia refers to the Region of Central Ostrobothnia, the northern parts of the Region of Ostrobothnia and the southern parts of the Region of Northern Ostrobothnia. In addition to destinations and stories attached to them, the data service will contain information about touristic and welfare services located around the attractions. In the construction of the data service user-friendly information technology and ecologically and culturally sustainable operation modes will be emphasized.

The project will have many kinds of effects: it will foster the rural heritage, reinforce local welfare services and create prerequisites for the development of tourism. The end-product of the project will be a boundary-crossing, non-profit cultural data bank, which helps the progress of welfare and industrial services. The project creates preconditions for new kinds of cooperation and improves the overall image of the project region.

Further information: Kari Ilmonen and Anne Ruuttula-Vasari

Funding: Ostrobothnia’s and North Ostrobothnia’s ELY Centres, Rural area development programme of the Finnish mainland 2007-2013 (2012–2013).



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