Expert tasks and conference presentations

Some of the most important expert tasks and conference presentations have been gathered below.

Expert tasks / Kari Ilmonen

  • Scientific peer reviews
  • Supervisions of doctoral dissertations
  • Examinations of Master's theses
  • Lectures on research methods
  • Lectures and presentations on culture and regional development
  • Memberships of rural and culture networks
  • Director of the Support Association of Chydenius Institute

Conference presentations / Kari Ilmonen

  • Genius loci -tutkimus- ja kehittämiskonsepti. (Genius loci – outline of the research and development project.) A presentation in the Finnish Geography Days 2013, 25.–26.10.2013, Vaasa, Finland.
  • Genius loci – organisation and productisation of rural cultural heritage: A national development study. A presentation in The 22nd Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Innovation and value creation in experience-based tourism, 24.-27.9.2013, Bodø and Svolvær, Norway.
  • Kulttuuriperintö ja itse tehty tulevaisuus. (Cultural heritage and self-made future.) A panel presentation in the gala seminar of Kalajoki vocational college 7.12.2012, Kalajoki, Finland.
  • Maaseudun paikkakertomukset – Genius loci. (Rural place stories – Genius loci.) A presentation in the regional seminar “Long live the rural cultural heritage!” 6.10.2012, Kokkola, Kälviä, Finland.