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Apply now to study  in the international Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials  Master's Degree Programme. The application period is 

4–18 January 2023. The University of Oulu studies are offered in the Applied Chemistry unit of Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius. The 2-year studies start in autumn 2023.

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Master's Degree Programme in Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials

Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials is a master's programme promoting the environmental society of tomorrow. Graduates get a high-value degree with a unique combination of life sciences and technology.

The 120 ECTS-credit Master's Degree Programme is designed to be studied in approximately 2 years' time. The studies follow the University of Oulu curriculum, and University of Oulu issues the degrees. Read more about the Master's Programme

The studies offer a wide range of education opportunities in science and technology and an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience with modern experimental techniques.

The degree programme contains advanced studies in different fields of chemistry: analytical, applied, inorganic, physical and/or organic chemistry. 

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Top reasons to study Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials

  • A multidisciplinary curriculum which integrates strong chemistry know-how to engineering studies in a unique way.
  • Students get a skill set of high value with good employment prospects.
  • The University of Oulu and Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius offer excellent facilities and guidance for practical laboratory work; a huge reserve of infrastructure in student’s use.
  • Collaboration with the chemical industry and research units is intense. Students typically complete master’s theses for global companies and thus gain a smooth transfer to actual work-life.
  • High-quality and innovative research in sustainable chemistry and inorganic chemistry is reflected in studies.

Study, work, live!

At Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, we specialise in adult education. The Chemistry programme in Kokkola is designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals and students at various stages of life and career.

Multiple forms of teaching are utilised across smart learning environments, with both contact learning and distance learning made use of in the degree programme. Studying with us is flexible and efficient. The promotion of a strong collaboration with working life in studies and research alike ensures that you gain the knowledge and skills to build a successful future for yourself, whether your interest lies in research, industry or some other occupation.


A higher education degree in chemistry lends itself to numerous career prospects. Graduates of the Master's programme have typically achieved leading expert roles e.g. in research, industry, or education.