Wireless sensor networks in environmental monitoring

The project main aim is to develop short-range wireless sensor network technology so that it is adequate for environmental monitoring, as well as possible. Another important objective is to increase the area of environmental research, the participating organizations and researchers, cooperation, and at the same time to increase researchers' understanding of sensor network technology through this project.

The project specific objectives are summarized below:

  • Combine the environmental scientists, chemists and researchers in the field of ICT knowledge on environmental monitoring, the development of the technology.
  • Produce information how sensor networks can be applied in environmental monitoring
  • Develop measurement techniques for environmental monitoring (especially for sensor networks)
  • Improve sensor network management features for environmental monitoring
  • Improve sensor network power saving technologies for environmental monitoring
  • Construction of two test networks. The other net network is compatible with the characteristics of long-term measurements, in which case the power saving features more pronounced. The other network may be short-lived, but it must be able to easily and quickly.





Project Manager Ilkka Kivelä