Wireless technologies

The telecommunications laboratory of the Information Technology Unit puts into practice wireless technology solutions and mobile applications for companies. The R&D activity of the telecommunications laboratory focuses, among other things, on meeting the needs of companies.wimolab.gif

The development targets of companies can vary in accordance with their respective needs. Here are some examples of the services:

  • To identify and put into practice useful wireless and mobile solutions
  • To transfer the latest research on wireless technology for the use of companies; primarily in the form of applications


The solutions offered to companies include:

  • Improvement of the existing system; development of a measuring, monitoring and control system, according to the company’s needs
  • Ability to execute difficult and/or temporary measurements with a wireless solution
  • Reduction of a system’s realization costs through a wireless solution, as compared to a wired implementation
  • Mobile implementation of the company’s system monitoring and operations


The service is offered to companies in the form of project deliveries, system integration services, and as consultation. The aim is to improve and consolidate the utilization of wireless technologies in the companies, bringing about more cost-effective systems.

The contracts and terms concerning the implementations are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Contact information: Project Manager Ilkka Kivelä