Software production and mobile systems

The development entity of software production and mobile systems in the Information Technology Unit offers flexible possibilities to survey, plan and carry out the information technology development targets of companies.

The development entity can help companies in their varying developmental needs, for example

  • software research and development
  • advancing the application of information and communication technology
  • product development and productizing ideas and software,
  • networking with suitable partners,

Possibilities for the companies:

  • Finding new development targets or business opportunities in the company
  • Helping companies develop and productize innovation by finding partners and carrying out solutions
  • Collaborative surveying – which are the development entities chosen for examination and implementation within the project? The research and development targets are analysed more closely, on the basis of which the necessary definition, planning, implementation, testing and introduction are carried out.

The services offered to companies can be, e.g. project deliveries, software development and testing services, software and system integration services, as well as consulting services.

The services can be implemented either as private commissions or they can be financed by the public sector.

Contact Information: Project Manager Veli-Matti Tornikoski