Information systems and operational processes

In the development entity of information systems and operational processes (TITO), the focus is on the development targets of information technology in companies. The development work is carried out in five main segments:

  1. Business analysis services
  2. Development and introduction of information systems
  3. Development of enterprise resource planning in the working culture of the company
  4. Planning and coordination of development projects (Tekes, ERDF)
  5. Promoting (e-coupon)

The Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius represents Central Ostrobothnia in an independent nation-wide eLive network. The University Consortium’s areas of expertise are called Mobius. The network serves small and medium-sized companies with concrete regional actions:

  • Counselling, education, consultation, helping the service providers and the companies to find each other, seminars, online tools
  • The network has both a regional and nation-wide service. Both are introduced on www.elive-fi website.