Kauris – a safe town area – a snapshot of the risks
(1.3.2009 - 28.2.2010)



The fundamental idea of the project

Nowadays, scattered information makes it difficult to analyse risks and to create a complete snapshot of them. The magnitude of the risks varies in the different areas and changes rapidly according to the circumstances. The aim of the research is to facilitate more real-time monitoring of risks. The slogan of the project is: The rescue services and companies know – a safe town in which to live and do business!

The aim of the project is that, in the future, towns, industry and the emergency services have common access to the regional snapshots that combine scattered information. The regional snapshot levels: 1) authorities 2) municipalities 3) companies 4) citizens.

The study is based on existing information research, information resources (the Finnish Meteorological Institute, etc.) and the combinability of information. Deeper risk/accident type research will be carried out at a later stage, by utilizing the existing research activity (the Emergency Services College).

The aim of the rescue services is to utilize the safety information systems and plans that already exist or are being developed in large companies. The objective is to utilize this knowledge in risk analysis and also in developing the preparedness of rescue services.

Operational environment

The coordinator of the research project is the University of Jyväskylä; Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius. The research project focuses on three regional rescue departments (Central Ostrobothnia and Pietarsaari Regional Rescue Department, Jokilaaksot Rescue Department and Helsinki City Rescue Department), the Emergency Services College, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Protect Oy, the Rescue Services of the Ministry of the Interior, and the University of Jyväskylä, that give their own contribution to the research activity and pilot the models in the pilot companies; Rautaruukki Oyj, Raahe factory, and KIP – Kokkola Industrial Park.



Kauris Suomen kartta

For what purpose?

The project will produce new models for creating a safe town area through the co-operation of rescue services, the City and the industry.

The project will not result in a software product/system. Instead, this will be implemented at a later date, in light of the research results. One of the project’s further goals is to develop risk management in the rescue services and in hazardous large-scale industry through information research. The development of risk management entails the examination and reduction of risks through concrete co-operation between the rescue services, the City and large-scale companies. In addition to the research results, the project will yield a model for the implementation of rescue department target cards between companies, in order to make the information about deviations reach the rescue services almost instantaneously. The research results of the project will be utilized in more holistic risk analysis regarding dynamic risks, with the aim of creating a stronger basis for the service production of rescue services.


Contact information

Project Manager  Tommi Viitasaari

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