Tervein mielin Pohjois-Suomessa -hankkeen ulkoinen väliarviointi (The external mid-term evaluation of the ”Tervein mielin Pohjois-Suomessa” (”Healthy minds in the Northern Finland”) project)

terveinmielin2-kuvituskuva.jpgThe project in question was one ordered by the “Keski-Pohjanmaan erikoissairaanhoito- ja peruspalvelukuntayhtymä Kiuru” (Central Ostrobothnian Joint Authority for Specialised Medical and Hospital Care and Primary Care). The evaluation was implemented in October–December 2010.

The aim of the mid-term evaluation was to find out, how had the objectives set for the project been fulfilled from the start of the project 1.3.2009 until the time of evaluation. The project Tervein mielin Pohjois-Suomessa will end in 31.10.2011. In addition to Keski-Pohjanmaan erikoissairaanhoito- ja peruspalvelukuntayhtymä (Kiuru), the project is implemented by Kainuun maakunta -kuntayhtymä (Kainuu Region Joint Authority), Lapin sairaanhoitopiiri (Lapland Hospital District), Länsi-Pohjan sairaanhoitopiiri (Länsi-Pohja healthcare district) and Pohjois-Pohjanmaan sairaanhoitopiiri (Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District).

In the mid-term evaluation the project plans, minutes and memos of meetings, follow-up matrices of the main project, and peer reviews made by the project staff were examined. Furthermore, an internet survey was organized to 30 persons chosen by the orderer.

Further information: Olli Rosenqvist

Funding: Project ”Tervein mielin Pohjois-Suomessa”